Saturday, 27 June 2009

2000ad character portraits


35" x 27" oil on canvas

Mongrol is by far my favourite ABC Warrior. For this painting, I've used different colours on the body parts to show how he was re-built from various robot remains by Lara.

I've stayed faithful to the original design of Mongrol but have added my own ideas here and there.

The chain is painted in such a way so it adds some movement to the painting.

I decided to only paint the upper body as this made for a more effective composition.

'The Mean Machine'

36" x 24" oil on canvas

Mean Machine started out as a sadistic piece of work. However over the years he became portrayed as a bit of a clown. So I tried to capture his original evilness and rage in this painting.

This image also shows Mean before he gets his real arm shot off by Dredd. In the background the dark, radioactive clouds of the Cursed Earth roll in. . .

36" x 24" oil on canvas

This piece shows the Four Dark Judges, as they hunt down the few remaining people in the wilderness of their homeworld.

I've stuck close to the classic design of the Judges, the only real change I made is to Judge Fire. I decided to give him a much more skeletal look as most of his uniform is burnt away.

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